Our Product Lines

We got into beekeeping after noticing that honeybees were no longer visiting our garden. We read about the worldwide decline in their population and decided to do something about it. We have been keeping bees for only 3 years and have really enjoyed it. We only have three hives in our backyard but have enjoyed a surplus of honey that we are selling on an extremely limited basis to our neighbors in McLean.  As a byproduct of having beeswax, we have started making soaps, lotion bars, candles, and lip balm and those too are available for sale locally.

Natural Soaps

  • Honey
  • Creamed Honey
  • Soap
  • Lotion Bars  
  • Lip Balm 
  • Bath Fizzies
  • Bubble Bath Fizzies
  • Shower Fizzies

Natural Handmade Soap

Evermay Bees